Kherson city


Under the orders of the Empress Katheryn II, Kherson was founded in 1778 by the military leader and statesman Grigory Potemkin as a fortress to protect the newly Russian border on the Black Sea. The town became the first Russian naval base and shipyard on the Black Sea. Before Kherson, there was a small Russian settlement which existed since 1737. From 1787 till 1791, A.V. Suvorov headed the construction of its fortifications.

Since 1803, it is an administrative center of Kherson’s region. In the early 19th century, the town became an important commercial port. After the Second World War, the city turned into a large industrial, agricultural and cultural center of southern Ukraine.


In 1951, a ship-building plant was constructed, the city became the main shipyard in the USSR. This plant is still one of the largest ship-building plants in Ukraine and Europe. It produces tankers, container carriers, ice-breakers.

The city of Kherson is located on the Dnipro river, at 78 km of the Black sea and 447 km at the south-east of Kiev.
Administrative center of Kherson’s region, it has an area of 14 500 ha (145 km²) and a population of 294 941 habitants in 2016.
There is a lot of school, college, lycées many parks and universities, not included the Kherson Maritime Academy.
The Ukrainian money is the hrivna (hva).

The practiced languages are Ukrainian and Russian; English is also practiced mostly by the young generation.
No tourist visa is needed for travelling to Kherson: you just need to pack your luggage and come to meet us !!!

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