Kherson region


Kherson’s region (oblast) is located at the south of Ukraine and covers an area of 2 846 100 ha (28 461 km²). It is washed by the Azov sea at the south-east and the Black sea at the south-west.

From the north west, the Dnipro river cross it, passing by the artificial lake of Kakhova and the barrage of Nova Kakhovka and increasing like a delta before ending in the Black sea. At the South, the isthmus of Perekop is a natural border between the Kherson’s region and the Crimea peninsula.


It is bordered by the Dnipropetrovsk’s region at the North, by the Zaporijia’s region at the East, by the Azov sea, the Syvach’s marais et lagunas, the Crimea peninsula and the Black sea at the South, by the Mykolaïv’s region at the West.
The Kherson’s region was born on the 30th March 1944.
It is constituted by 18 administrative districts, 3 important cities and 658 villages. The most important cities are the following:
Kherson, Kakhovka, Nova Kakhovka

The population was 1 062 356 habitants in 2016.

An interesting video will show you a good view of the opportunities for development of tourism in Kherson’s region prior to your trip in the south of Ukraine.