Nature, biosphere and beaches


Oleshkivski Sands is the second largest desert in Europe, which covers an area of about 1,600 square kilometers. Desert is conventionally divided into seven arenas, each with different natural and climatic features. You can find a number of opportunities for active tourism like hiking, biking, horseback riding, auto, motorcycle tours and trophy on the sand. 

Dnipro Delta and Bilohrudiv Island. Dnipro Delta is located in the lower reaches of Dnipro river, where it flows into the Black Sea. Dnipro Lowlands is a special place for catching pike: here it can be found in great amounts. Bilohrudiv island is a home to around three hundred people and is a fishing village. Each year, groups of tourists visit the island to enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. Larger reserve in Ukraine, it consists of mainland areas, over 20 islands, two bays – Tendrivska and Yagorlytska. The fauna of the reserve has about 3,500 species. Tendrivska spit is the only place in Ukraine, that is a home to a population of wild horses. 


Dzharylhach National Park. Dzharylgach Island, rightfully attracts tourists and lovers of the exotic. Spreading out for 42 km from east to west, it seems to be specifically created for adventures. The animal world of the island includes deer, fallow deer, mouflon, wild boar, hares, foxes, that move to the island on ice or on the sand spit. The park is adapted for tourism – there are tents and the fishing is allowed.

Askania-Nova national park. One of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine where over than 1,000 animals, such as zebra and antelope, bison and buffalo, deer and wild horses live in semi-free conditions in Askania Nova. In arboretum around 1030 woody plants and over 680 species of herbaceous are located. It is the largest arboretum steppe zone of Ukraine, which since 1983 has a status of a national park. 

Azov-Syvash National Park. This unique natural complex covers an area of over 52,000 hectares. The water of Syvash lake contains useful minerals and acid salts, sodium chloride, magnesium and potassium, etc. Every year tourists come to experience the healing qualities of Syvash water and mud. Byriuchyi Island is a “spit” in the Azov Sea with area of 7232 ha and 20 km in length. 

Black sea beaches The village of Skadovsk, Zalisnyi Port and Lazurne are the nearest sea cities of Kherson