A lot of daily connections by plane or by train are offered in order to travel to Kherson via Kiev.


Kherson City

Kherson City

The Kherson’s international airport offers daily flight connections from/to:

  • Kiev (2 daily tround trip)
  • Istanbul (1 daily round trip)

Periodic flight connections are offered with Antalya (on Thursday and Sunday) and Hurgada.
Survey for new flight connections with Minsk, Tel-Aviv, Warsaw is on progress

At Kiev’s international airport , many flight connections are available from/to:

  • Paris (4 daily roundtrips)
  • Amsterdam (4 daily roundtrips)
  • London (3 daily roundtrips)
  • Frankfurt (3 daily roundtrips)
  • Vienne (3 daily roundtrips)
  • Barcelona (2 daily roundtrips)
  • Brussels (2 daily roundtrips)

In case no tickets will be available on the flight Kiev-Kherson, don’t hesitate to go the Kiev’s railway station where you will certainly find a train in order to travel to Kherson: at the airport, take the line 322 SkyBus which leave you directly in front of the Kiev’s railway station in 45 mn for only 100 uah !!!

Kherson’s railway station offers many daily rail connections with:

  • Kiev (6 daily roundtrips)
  • Lviv (3 daily roundtrips)
  • Kharkiv (2 daily roundtrips)
  • Zaporozhye (2 daily roundtrips)
  • Dnipropetrovsk (2 daily roundtrips)
  • Moscow(6 daily roundtrips)

Train ticket are opened for booking by Internet 45 days before train’s departure.

An important network of collective road transport   constituted by trolleybuses and minibuses allows people to move easily. The single ticket price (4 uah) by direction without any connection is paid only by cash money.

Kherson City

Kherson City

And finally, a good pair of shoes laced at your feet will allow you to stroll through the streets of Kherson!